Harmony Wellness Centre offers solutions to your health needs.

We are a wellness centre and acupuncture clinic centrally located in Vancouver and offer a wide range of services to meet your health needs.

You can feel better! Experience natural solutions that help optimize your health.  

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Our practitioners will help your health and vitality increase allowing you to live the life you want.  We believe that given the right tools, everyone can have a positive and vibrantly healthy life.

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Featured Practitioner

Fabio is an osteopathic practitioner with a background in physiotherapy. His experience and skills allow him to identify the causes of many physical conditions and to restore balance throughout the body. Fabio believes that the body has a remarkable ability to heal itself and his role is to support the healing process. Osteopathy is good for: Joint pain, low back and hip pain, digestive complaints, menstrual pain, headaches, sports injuries, neuralgia and many more complicated health issues.