Harmony Wellness Centre offers solutions to your health needs.

We are here to support you in maintaining and optimizing your health.

From helping you to destress and relax, to helping you with pain conditions, digestive issues and many other health concerns, we are here to help.

Our professional therapists at Harmony Wellness offer a wide range of therapies to get you on track with healing.

We are a wellness centre and acupuncture clinic centrally located in South False Creek in Vancouver.   You feel peace and relaxation begin as you approach the clinic on the beautiful Seawall.

Feel better! Experience natural solutions that help optimize your health.
We believe that given the right tools, everyone can have a positive and vibrantly healthy life.

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Featured Practitioner

Fabio Bocchetti

Osteopathic Practitioner

Fabio is a physiotherapist, trained in Brazil, with a 5 year specialization in Osteopathic Medicine. Fabio obtained his Osteopathic Practitioner registration and uses his training and experience to identify the causes of many physical conditions and to restore the balance of the different tissues of the body.

*Servicos tambem disponiveis em portugues.