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Ancient Minerals Magnesium oil

Magnesium helps eliminate muscle cramps and tension, restless legs, chronic pain and headaches, improve sleep and overall has a calming effect on the nervous system.

A concentrated transdermal magnesium mineral supplement, this highly absorbable magnesium oil contains only raw, ultra pure magnesium chloride and other trace minerals drawn from the Ancient Zechstein Seabed in Northern Europe.

Many people have varying levels of magnesium deficiency.   This product is designed to deliver magnesium through the skin for optimum absorption. It acts to improve the function of our cells and immune system, and helps protect cells from oxidative damage. It’s a systemic medicine as well as a local one bringing new life and energy to the cells wherever it is applied topically.



Helps to treat pain associated with muscle, joint, and neurological conditions. It has Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Arthritic, Anti-Bruising and Anti-Spasmodic properties as well as having a stimulation effect on the vascular and lymphatic systems. It may be used pre and post rehabilitation exercises in office and at home.

Zheng Gu Shui

This liquid formula was created by a Chinese master herbalist over 500 years ago. It is still used today to treat all kind of injuries.   Zheng Gu Shui helps stop pain and quickly starts the healing process. It can also help speed the healing of broken bones and fractures.+