Staying healthy in the spring time

Spring is the time for get up and do. It is the season of activity. A time of stirring after the cold of winter. It is the season of wind, both in the environment and in our bodies. Spring is the season to eat foods with upward energies, such as young, green, sprouting above-ground vegetables.

Wind can occur in any season, but it is more of a potent force in spring, and it is the time the Liver is most sensitive – and the Liver is very susceptible to the effects of Wind. Wind externally and internally appears quickly, can change without warning and is as destabilizing as it is unpredictable.  In the body it causes symptoms that appear suddenly, twitches, pain that moves around the body, headaches and on an emotional level, more susceptibility to mood swings, nervousness, emotional turmoil.

One very common symptom felt by many is neck pain in the spring. In Springtime the weather is unpredictable and so we need to be more careful about exposure to cold or getting chilled.  Keep your body bundled up until the weather is more steady, especially making sure to protect you neck and throat from wind, breezes and chills.
If you get pain in the neck whether it is a sudden new pain or the recurrence of chronic pain, acupuncture and Chinese medicine can help a lot.