Diana Buckland RMT

What is your favorite part of being a RMT?

“The massage is about much more than the muscles.  The state of mind and stress levels of my clients have an impact on the nervous system which in turn can affect muscle tension.  The most wonderful aspect of my practice is seeing the expression on my clients’ face after a treatment.  They may have arrived in any state of fatigue, stress, physical discomfort and when they come out of the room their whole demeanor has altered–shoulders softened, face relaxed, breathing is easier…it is the best reward to have been part of this transformation. I’m excited about working with my clients through feedback to provide personalized treatment.”

What do you hope to do for clients?

I’m very interested in working with breathing and bringing clients awareness to their bodies as a means of reducing tension and improving muscle function. I enjoy playing  “massage sleuth”:  I find there are generally a variety of factors that cause muscle tension and dysfunction.  I work with clients to figure out what they might be and come up with simple ways they can improve muscle health that fit easily into their daily life.  It all starts with self-awareness!”


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