Baby health tips

Baby health tips- using acupressure and gentle massage!


This point on babe is right at the base of the big toe.

If baby is being generally fussy or seems irritable and is hard to please, this is a good point for grounding her and helping calm. Of course nothing beats cuddles and boobs but you can always hold this point at the same time.

In fact baby acupressure points are often best administered when babe is being soothed in other ways as it can be hard to secure an acupressure point when a baby’s limbs are flailing.   Apply moderate pressure at this point and hold for a few minutes.

Acupressure points on the feet can be good for travel, when babe might feel anxious or fed up.

Teething pain

Teething pain can be torment for mom and babe!

Although we can’t guarantee a pain free night of blissful sleep, this acupressure point can help take the edge of the nasty pain and is a good start to natural teething relief.


Acupressure for better learning!

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